Dior Unveils the Detailed Look of the Newly Released 3D-Printed FW23 Footwear

As Paris Fashion Week recently concluded, Dior offered an in-depth look at its latest 3D-printed shoes. Under the creative vision of Menswear artistic director Kim Jones and men’s footwear designer Thibo Denis, a Derby, and boot have been launched as part of this exciting new collection.

Design and Construction

In the lookbook images and runway, the pair of these shoes were often paired with long, drapey bottoms to partly obscure them from view. But closer inspection reveals that they have been constructed almost entirely from a 3D-printed weave, resembling the style and design of Adidas Futurecraft 4D soles. 

For Derbys, a quicklace system is featured above glossy black leather tongue tabs for convenient entry and exit. Besides that, the mid-top boot comes with a unique heel slide insert for easy access.

Additionally, 3D-printed insole inserts have been incorporated into the design of these boots, as well as white laceless prototypes. The designers boast the new version to be ‘visually solid, but ultra-lightweight when worn.’

During Paris Fashion Week, two fashion powerhouses, Botter and Reebok, revealed their seashell-inspired 3D-printed sneakers on the same day. 

These computer-generated silhouettes unlock unprecedented possibilities within the realm of footwear design, suggesting that we may soon witness a wide variety of these shoes in the near future.

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