How to Fix Scuffed Metallic Shoes

If you’ve ever had a pair of metallic shoes, you know how easily they can get scuffed.

However, fixing scuffed metallic shoes is not as hard as it seems. All you need is a little bit of time and the right supplies.

This blog post will show you how to fix scuffed metallic shoes using a few simple steps. We’ll also share a few tips on how to prevent them from getting scratched in the first place.

So, whether your shoes are silver, gold, or any other color, read on to learn how to keep them looking their best.


  1. Use a soft, clean, lint-free cloth to avoid scratching the shoes’ surface while removing scuffs.
  2. Do not wipe your shoes vigorously. Vigorous scrubbing can damage the material of your shoes and can cause further scratches.
  3. Do not dry your shoes in direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade the color of your metallic shoes.
  4. Always use spray paints in a well-ventilated area to prevent any chemicals or toxins from entering your body.
  5. Test the nail paint, spray paint, and permanent marker by applying them to an inconspicuous shoe area. This will help you determine if the colors are compatible with your shoes.


  1. Wipe off the dirt and dust from the surface of the shoes with a soft damp cloth.
  2. Mix two tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of vinegar in a bowl. 
  3. Soak a soft cloth in the vinegar-water solution and gently wipe the scuffed area.

Now the shoes are ready to be restored. There are three ways of removing scuff marks from metallic shoes. Let’s go through them one by one.

Method 1: Nail Polish

Illustration showing five steps on how to fix scuffed metallic shoes using nail polish

Nail polish is a quick and easy way to repair minor scuff marks on your shoes. Make sure to apply the nail polish on the scuffed area evenly so there are no bumps on the surface.

The key is to use a thin layer of nail polish so that it doesn’t look too thick or lumpy.

Materials Required

  1. Metallic nail polish
  2. Clear nail polish


  1. Use a metallic nail polish that matches the color of your shoes and apply it over the scuffed area evenly.
  2. Let the metallic nail polish dry completely before applying a second coat of the same nail polish.
  3. Once the second coat is completely dry, apply a final coat of clear nail polish to seal the process. This will protect the nail paint from chipping and give your shoes an extra shine.
  4. Let your shoes air dry in a well-ventilated area away from sunlight.

Make sure that the nail polish is of good quality. Cheap nail polish will wear out faster. Additionally, you can carry the nail polish whenever you go out to quickly fix any new scuff marks that may appear on your shoes.

Method 2: Spray Paint

Illustration showing five steps on how to fix scuffed metallic shoes using spray paint

Spray paint is a great way to quickly cover up large shoe scuff marks. It provides good coverage and dries quickly, so it’s a time-saving solution.

Spray paint comes in various colors. Therefore, pick the one that matches your shoes. Test the spray paint color on a small area first to ensure it matches your shoes.

Materials Required

  1. Gloves
  2. Metallic spray paint
  3. Shoe protectant spray


  1. Shake the can of metallic spray paint well and hold it about six inches away from the scuffed area.
  2. Spray the paint on the scuffed area in a light, even coat. 
  3. Once the paint is completely dry, apply a shoe protectant spray to seal it and prevent it from chipping.
  4. Let your shoe air dry in a shaded but well-ventilated place.

Remember to wear gloves while using this method to prevent staining your hands. Also, spread old newspapers around the shoe to avoid staining the working surface.

Check out the video tutorial –

Method 3: Permanent Marker

Illustration showing four steps on how to fix scuffed metallic shoes using permanent marker

A permanent marker is a hassle-free way to fix scuff marks on your shoes. This method is better suited for really small scuffs.

Permanent markers are easy to carry and available in many colors. Therefore, choose the marker that matches the color of your shoes perfectly.

Materials Required

  1. Permanent marker
  2. Metallic shoe polish


  1. Draw over the scuffed area with the permanent marker.
  2. The permanent marker will fill in the missing color and cover the scuff mark.
  3. Use shoe polish to seal the color and give your shoes a shiny effect.
  4. Let your shoe air dry.

Caring and Storing Tips

  1. Wipe your shoes with a soft cloth soaked in a cleanser after each wear. This will remove the dirt and debris that could cause scuffs.
  2. Store your metallic shoes in a shoe bag or box away from moist or humid places. This will protect them from getting scratched or scuffed.
  3. Keep your shoes away from sunlight and heat, which can cause the color to fade.
  4. Apply a shoe protectant spray to your shoes regularly. This will help to repel dirt and water and prevent scuffing. KIWI and Crep Protect are two good options for shoe protectant spray.
  5. It is better to not wear your metallic shoes daily. This will help to prolong their lifespan.


Can Scuffed Metallic Shoes Be Repaired?

Yes, the scuffed metallic shoes can be repaired. The damage to the metallic shoes is irreversible. However, they can be fixed with simple products, such as nail polish, permanent markers, and spray paints.

How to Keep Your Metallic Shoe Scuff-Free?

To prevent your shoes from scuffing, you can coat them in clear nail polish, apply a waterproof spray, or store them in a shoe bag. You should wipe your shoes with a natural cleanser after every wear and avoid wearing them in harsh conditions.


That’s it. Now you know three simple methods that you can use to fix scuff marks on metallic shoes. Choose the method that best suits your needs and follow the steps accordingly.

Remember to take proper care of your shoes to prevent scuffing and extend their lifespan.

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