41 Types of Shoes for Women

Every woman has a unique personal style, and it’s essential to have the right type of shoes that will express who you are. With so many shoe types, from high heels to loafers and everything in between, it’s difficult to find the perfect one for you. 

That’s why we created this roundup of 41 types of shoes for women. This ultimate guide will provide an overview of what’s available and help you choose the best fit for various occasions. 

From versatile flats that work with any outfit choice to fashion-forward stilettos, this guide has something for everyone.


Running Shoes

Black running shoes with pink detailing
Styling optionsSportswear, tights, casual wear.
Top brandsBrooks, Asics, Hoka, Nike, Adidas.

Running shoes are the perfect type of footwear for women who are passionate about running and want to enhance their performance.

These shoes come in different varieties and feature either a lace-up or slip-on closure. They are crafted with breathable leather, mesh, or synthetic materials. These shoes have a flexible rubber sole that allows the wearer to run comfortably.

Due to their versatility, running shoes can be tailored to any wardrobe and style. They look great with sportswear, a night out, or even paired with tights and casual wear.

When shopping for quality running shoes, some of the top brands you can consider include Brooks, Asics, Hoka, Nike, and Adidas.

Lace-up Sneakers

Dark green coloured shoes with light brown detailing
Styling optionsCasual wear, jeans, shirts, skirts.
Top brandsNike, Veja, New Balance, Reebok.

Lace-up sneakers are one of the popular styles of footwear. They’ve got their name as sneakers because of the squeaky noise the rubber soles produce while walking. 

These are commonly made from leather, textiles, synthetics, rubber, foam, and plastic, providing a snug and comfortable fit. 

Best of all, they can be styled in an infinite combination of casual clothes such as jeans, shirts, and skirts.

Top brands like Nike, Veja, New Balance, and Reebok offer some great options that are sure to last while looking stylish at the same time.

Canvas Shoes

Multi-colored canvas shoes
Styling optionsCasual dresses, t-shirts, jeans.
Top brandsVans, Nike, Puma, Adidas.

Canvas shoes are lightweight and inexpensive that provide comfort without compromising the style. 

These shoes feature a canvas upper and rubber soles. However, canvas shoes provide minimal support due to the lack of cushioning inside and the shock absorption features. 

Canvas shoes are perfect for everyday wear with casual outfits like t-shirts and jeans. These casual shoes can be worn to college, outings, etc.

Furthermore, to get the best pair of canvas shoes, you can check out some famous brands, including Vans, Nike, Puma, and Adidas.


Orange colored trainers
Styling optionsSportswear, casual outfits.
Top brandsNike, Reebok, Adidas.

Training shoes have evolved over the years to meet active and health-conscious women’s stringent demands. 

These special shoes are crafted from various materials, including carbon rubber, blown rubber, or a combination of both. These materials provide the wearer with superior comfort, breathability, and durability. These shoes have breathable upper and thick soles.

Whether you’re hitting the gym in sportswear or the streets in casual outfits, these shoes will uplift your look and provide comfort. 

Choosing training shoes comes down to personal preference, but some top brands include Nike, Reebok, and Adidas. 

Slip-on Sneakers

Red slip-on sneakers
Styling optionsT-shirt paired with joggers, denim jumpsuits, skinny jeans, and short flared frocks.
Top brandsSkechers, Puma, Adidas.

Slip-on sneakers are also known as kicks. They are a popular choice for those who want a stylish alternative to traditional lace-up shoes. 

These stylish kicks are available in various materials such as leather, textiles, synthetics, rubber, foam, and plastic.

Slip-on sneakers offer endless styling options that range from t-shirts paired with joggers to denim jumpsuits to skinny jeans and short flared frocks.

With brands like Skechers, Puma, and Adidas available, you can find a perfect pair of slip-on sneakers for yourself.


Brown leather Derby shoes
Styling optionsDenim skirts, skaters skirts, formal trousers, and shirts.
Top brandsDr. Martens, Jeffrey Campbell, Clarks.

Derby shoes are a fabulous compromise between the traditional Oxford style and modern-day comfort. 

These shoes are versatile and feature a distinctive open-lacing structure with an elegant pointed or round toe. Derby shoes can be crafted from various materials, such as leather, synthetic, or textile. 

These shoes can be styled with anything from jeans and chinos to suits and break away from the conventions of the traditional Oxford shoe.

If you’re looking for the perfect derby shoe, consider brands such as Dr. Martens and Jeffrey Campbell Clarks, which offer unbeatable quality.

Mary Janes

Black colored Mary Janes.
Styling optionsCardigans, pleated skirts, trench coats, and wide-leg jeans.
Top brandsJeffrey Campbell, Dansko, and Steve Madden.

Mary Janes are popular for their easy-going style and classic appeal. 

These shoes come in three toe styles – round, square, and pointed. These shoes are made from various materials such as leather, synthetic, or textile. 

Additionally, their strappy silhouette adds a timeless touch to any outfit, making Mary Janes ideal for pairing with cardigans, pleated skirts, trench coats, or wide-leg jeans.

If you are looking for a perfect pair of Mary Janes, you may consider top brands such as Jeffrey Campbell, Dansko, and Steve Madden.


Black Oxford shoes
Styling optionsButton-down shirts and formal pants.
Top brandsDr. Martens, Jessica Simpson, Clarks.

Oxford shoes are the epitome of sophisticated style, featuring a traditional closed-lacing system that is discreetly tucked away within the shoe’s upper part.

These timeless shoes come in different toe styles and ranges of materials, such as patent leather, calf leather, canvas, and suede.

These shoes pair great with button-down shirts and formal pants for a professional business look or without the blazer for a business casual feel. 

Regarding brands, Dr. Martens, Jessica Simpson, and Clarks provide good-quality oxford shoes.


Ankle Boots

Black ankle boots with golden buckle decoration
Styling optionsSkinny jeans, dresses and skirts, maxis, cropped jeans, shorts, winter wear.
Top brandsDr. Martens, Tecovas, Everlane.

Ankle boots are a type of boot that cover your whole foot, extending up to the ankle.

Versatile yet stylish, these boots come in many styles, including open-toed and closed-toe, as well as flat or low-heeled. 

Ankle boots can be made from various materials, including suede, leather, and faux leather.

These boots can be paired with jeans, skirts, maxis, cropped jeans, shorts, and formal wear.

Ankle boots are often confused with ankle booties. However, there are some key differences. Ankle boots have a taller shaft, usually two to three inches above the ankle. In contrast, ankle booties end just at the ankle and are narrow than ankle boots.

When selecting the brand, you can look after brands like Dr. Martens Jadon, Tecovas, and Everlane. These brands offer high quality amongst their collections to guarantee a good fit while looking fab.

Knee-High Boots

Brown colored knee-high boots
Styling optionsSkinny jeans, dresses and skirts, maxis, cropped jeans, shorts, and winter wear.
Top BrandsSteve Madden, Sam Edelman, Kenneth Cole.

Knee-high boots are stylish footwear that helps keep you warm and cozy during the winter months and adds a layer of sophistication to your outfit. 

These boots are made from leather and various synthetics, with different heel types ranging from block heels to stiletto heels. 

Whether you want to dress them up or down, they make any outfit look chic. You can pair them with everything from distressed skinny jeans and short dresses to skirts and maxis. 

Leading brands like Steve Madden, Sam Edelman, and Kenneth Cole offer a variety of knee-high boots to choose from that are sure to amp up your fashion game.

Chelsea Boots 

Black Chelsea boots
Styling optionsSkinny jeans, straight jeans, leggings, and skirts.
Top BrandsJeffrey Campbell, Steve Madden.

Chelsea boots are an iconic look from the Victorian era making a comeback. 

These close-fitting ankle boots feature an easy-to-use elastic side panel with a loop or tab for quick pull-on access. Chelsea boots are usually constructed of leather, suede leather, or rubber, making them one of the most durable shoes.

Regarding fashion, you can pair Chelsea boots with skinny jeans, straight jeans, leggings, or skirts to achieve your desired style. 

If you’re looking for quality brands, consider Jeffrey Campbell or Steve Madden Chelsea boots for their superior craftsmanship and quality materials.

Combat Boots

Black colored Combat boots
StylingSweaters, jeans, leggings, dresses, and coats.
Top BrandsLa Canadienne, Vince Camuto, Camper.

Combat boots are a classic style historically designed for physical combat. These boots are inspired by the closed-toe hobnail boots of Roman soldiers. 

These boots are still ruggedly attractive and highly functional, made primarily from leather. They come in various heel heights, generally ranging between 1 to 1.5 inches, offering an increased level of stability over their traditional predecessors.

Combat boots can provide an edgy look with sweaters and jeans. Pair them with leggings, dresses, and coats for a more feminine look. 

When choosing the perfect combat boots, top brands like La Canadienne, Vince Camuto, and Camper have everything you need for unbeatable style and exceptional quality at great prices.

Ugg Boots

Light brown colored Ugg boots
Styling optionsSweater and leggings, skirts, trench coats, business casuals, jeans.
Top BrandsUGG.

Ugg boots are the unisex style of sheepskin boot originating in Australia. These boots are having a moment in fashion. 

Ugg boots are made with twin-faced sheepskin with fleece inside and a synthetic sole on the outside. 

These boots possess natural insulating properties. This boot is perfect for keeping feet cool in summer and warm in winter and dry in wet weather. 

These boots come with varying heel heights. Therefore, they can be worn casually or with more formal attire, such as suits, skirts, and coats.

Their versatility makes them a go-to option for summer and winter.

Over-the-Knee Boots

Black colored Over-the-knee boots
Styling optionsSweater dresses, skinny jeans, skirts, poncho.
Top brandsKenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, Dune London.

Over-the-knee boots, also known as OTK boots, are a timeless fashion piece that has been gracing the pages of magazines and catwalks for decades. 

OTK boots are available in leather and synthetic materials, with heel heights ranging from 3 – 3.9 inches. 

The best part is that they go with almost anything. You can rock them with a sweater dress or keep them casual with jeans or a skirt. 

You can find these stylish statement shoes from top designer brands like Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, and Dune London.

Cowgirl Boots

Light brown colored Cow girl boots
Styling optionsShirtdress, patterned skirts, skinny jeans, midi dress, sweater dresses.
Top brandsJeffrey Campbell, Söfft, Sam Edelman.

Ropers and short cowgirl boots are the ideal options for weekends and more casual evenings.

These boots feature mid-height heels and come in either leather or cowhide material, making them well-suited for many occasions. 

The cowgirl boots are versatile and can be styled in many ways. Whether you opt for a shirtdress, patterned skirt, jeans, midi dress, or even a sweater dress, your boots can pull an outfit together. 

Top brands to pick from, like Jeffrey Campbell, Söfft, and Sam Edelman, offer plenty of options for cowgirl boots.


Stiletto Heels

Milky white Stilettos with black detailing on the footbed.
Styling optionsPants, skirts, formal gowns, cocktail attire.
Top brandsBadgley Mischka, Dune London, Sam Edelman.

Stiletto heels are defined by their tall, thin, and high heels. The stiletto heels are named after the “stiletto dagger.” 

These shoes are commonly made from patent leather and feature heel heights usually over 3 inches. 

Though stilettos are more challenging to walk in than sandals with lower heels, they offer many fashionable options. From casual to cocktail attire, they can enhance any look. You can stylistically pair them with jeans, skirts, or formal gowns.

These are created by some of the women’s favorite brands, like Badgley Mischka and Dune London, and Gucci, which further increases their popularity.


Brown colored pumps with golden heel
Styling optionsSuits well with formal and informal dresses, skirts, trousers, and jeans.
Top brandsDream Paris, Jessica Simpson, and Badgley Mischka.

Pumps, also known as court shoes, are a versatile, fashionable shoe style that appeals to classic and trend-forward women.

These shoes are designed to be low-heeled and flat but still stylish, with added details of ankle straps. Pumps also offer a wide variety of toe styles, from the open to the pointed toe.

They come in varying heel heights ranging from 1-3 inches and types, such as kitten heels, stacked heels, or wedges. 

Pumps look fabulous with both formal and informal dresses such as skirts, trousers, and jeans. This makes them incredibly versatile wardrobe staples.

If these stylish pairs of shoes are your choice, you can check out brands like Dream Paris, Jessica Simpson, or Badgley Mischka for unparalleled styles.


Light brown colored Wedges
Styling optionsDenim shorts, high-waisted pleated shorts, flowy linen shorts, and chinos.
Top brandsMarc Fisher, Steve Madden, Gucci.

Wedges are the perfect choice for heel lovers who want something more comfortable to walk in. Not only are they stylish, but the base of the shoe along its length from back to front makes them incredibly foot-friendly.

These shoes come in a heel height of 1-4 inches so that you can pick them depending on your preference. 

When it comes to styling wedges, you’re spoilt for choice – look amazing with a combination of denim shorts and a chic blouse or dress-up chinos with elegance. 

Some of the best brands that offer wedge heels include Marc Fisher, Steve Madden, and Gucci – all worthy competitors in the fashion game.

Kitten Heels

Skin colored Kitten heels
Styling optionsGoes well with T-shirt-and-jeans outfits, midi skirts, and dresses.
Top brandsCalvin Klein, Nina, Clarks.

While some may consider kitten heels outdated, this style is incredibly versatile.  

Their heel height is between 1-2 inches. This makes them comfortable enough to wear all day long, adding just enough height to give the desired level of elegance.

Best of all, kitten heels look great with virtually any outfit. Whether you choose a t-shirt and jeans combo, midi skirts and dresses, or anything in between, these shoes will elevate your classy style. 

Several of the top fashion brands – including Calvin Klein, Nina, and Clarks – offer reliable takes on the style that can guarantee effortless style, whatever the occasion.

Block Heels

Skin colored Block heels with back strap
Styling optionsSkinny jeans, casual skirts, and various dress silhouettes.
Top brandsDream Paris, Steve Madden, Naturalizer.

Block heels are the perfect combination of functionality and fashion.

These heels feature a heel height of 2 to 3 inches. These chic yet comfortable heels provide a great elevation to give you an effortless silhouette.

Plus, you can pair them with jeans, summer dresses, and skirts of all lengths. These are a go-to option whether you’re hitting brunch with the ladies or making your way through a night out on the town.

Block heels are available from leading brands like Dream Paris, Steve Madden, and Naturalizer. This gives you numerous fashionable choices to find the best pair for yourself. 

Peep-Toe Heels

Black Peep-Toe Heels with intricate detailing
Styling optionsJean and sweater, maxi dresses, gym or casual shorts, slim-fitting tank or T-shirt.
Top brandsDream Paris, Tony Pons, Cordani.

Peep-toe heels have become an iconic fashion staple for women everywhere, offering many styling options and versatility for any occasion.

These heels come in various heel types, from the kitten heel to the stiletto heel, making it easy to stay comfortable while looking chic. 

Peep-toe heels not only make your feet stylishly showcased but are also highly versatile and accommodating to many styles. You can pair them with shorts and a tank top for a casual summer look or dress them up with trousers and a sweater for winter. 

Top brands like Dream Paris, Tony Pons, and Cordani offer an extensive selection of peep toe shoes with modern designs and quality materials.

Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle strap heels with golden and silver stones detailing
Styling optionsDenim or leather jackets, pants, shorts, mini skirts, and t-shirt combo.
Top brandsDune London, Naturalizer, Sam Edelman.

Ankle strap heels are every fashionista’s go-to accessory for an effortless yet chic look. 

These stunning shoes are available in many heel heights and styles. Therefore, you can easily pick and choose the design that speaks to you. Heeled ankle straps come with low, mid, and high heel heights.

Regarding styling options, it comes down to your fashion. You can wear a mini skirt with an ankle strap stiletto or keep it casual with a t-shirt combo. You can also team them with denim or leather jackets or try them with a variety of pants and shorts.  

No matter your personal style, brands like Dune London, Naturalizer, and Sam Edelman have an extensive selection of designs. You can find the perfect ankle strap heels to suit every outfit. 

Platform Heels

Golden platform heels
Styling optionsMidi Skirt, cocktail Dress, matching Set, pattern pants.
Top brandsDolce Vita, Aqua, Kenneth Cole, Schutz.

Platform heels are also known as ankle-breaking heels. They are the perfect footwear for those looking for a bit of height without having to be a pro-high-heel wearer.

With a heel height ranging between 1-4 inches, platform heels are easier to walk in than pencil heels. They are the perfect finishing touch to any look. 

Regarding styling options, you can opt for classic combinations like pairing them with a matching set or a cocktail dress. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could always choose the more daring route and try pattern pants or a midi skirt.

If you are searching for great designs in platform heels, check out brands such as Dolce Vita, Aqua, Kenneth Cole, and Schutz. These brands offer plenty of options without sacrificing comfort.

Sling Back Heels

Leopard print sling back heels
Styling optionsDenim outfits, mini skirts, crop tops, and jeans combo.
Top brandsDune London, Jeffrey Campbell, Melissa.

Slingback heels are the perfect summer sandals to elevate your look.

These chic low-to-medium-heeled sandals often feature adjustable straps, such as buckles or elastic segments. It provides the wearer with an easy fit and a secure hold.

Slingback heels are incredibly versatile in styling, with options such as denim outfits and mini skirts sure to make you stand out in the crowd without compromising comfort. 

You can choose slingbacks from top brands like Dune London, Jeffrey Campbell, or Melissa to take your fashion game up a notch. 

Cone Heels

Black cone heels
Styling optionsT-shirt/ leather jacket with denim jeans, fitted pants, and skirts.
Top brandsJ.Renne, Schutz, Naturalizer.

A cone heel is footwear with a heel that is broader at the sole and narrows down at the bottom, like an ice cream cone. This structure allows people to balance their weight properly compared to stilettos or slim heels. 

Generally, the heel height of cone heels ranges between 3 to 4 inches, offering just enough of a lift while remaining supportive. 

Besides their distinct look, cone heels can set any outfit apart with their statement style. You can wear them with a T-shirt, leather jacket, denim jeans, fitted pants, or skirts to amp up your fashion game.

Also, with top brands such as J.Renne, Schutz, and Naturalizer offering cone heels in their collections nowadays, you’ll never be short on choice.

D’orsay Pumps

Black D'orsay pumps
Styling optionsCasual jeans, formal pants, skinny skirts.
Top brandsJimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, and Manolo Blahnik.

D’orsay pumps are a stylish option for the modern woman who wants to stay fashionable yet wear closed-toe shoes. 

With various heel heights ranging from low to high, these versatile pumps provide specific styling options for every occasion.

The great thing about wearing D’orsay pumps is that they look amazing when paired with everything in your wardrobe. You can style them with casual jeans, formal pants, and skin-tight skirts.

Top brands such as Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, and Manolo Blahnik all have their own versions of classic D’orsay pumps. Therefore, whatever your style, you are sure to be able to find something unique and perfect for you.


Printed Espadrilles
Styling optionsJeans, dresses, shorts, jumpsuits.
Top brandsSteve Madden, TOMS, UGG.

Espadrilles are the must-have summer shoe with unique, light canvas fabric and a supportive plaited fiber sole made of esparto rope. This makes them distinctively separate from other shoes. 

The best thing about espadrilles is that their unique construction creates a great base for many different styles, From flat slip-on to wedges, to sandals, and everything in between – all featuring the distinctive esparto rope sole. 

Further, their heel height can range from 1-4 inches or higher, making them just as appropriate for running out to the store as they are for a date night dinner.

When it comes to styling options, these can be paired with dressy jeans, cute dresses, breezy shorts, and even jumpsuits. 

If you’re looking for a reliable pair of espadrilles, you can check out some top brands, such as Steve Madden, TOMS, and UGG.


Light brown coloured clogs
Styling optionsFormal suits, dresses, jeans, midi skirts.
Top brandsJeffrey Campbell, Sam Edelman, UGG.

Clogs are footwear made of wood or a composite of wood and other materials. 

Also, they provide excellent protection with their open-back, close-toe design. They are available in all heel heights, from low heel to high heel.

Not only this but clogs come with plenty of styling options. You can pair them with formal suits, elegant dresses, jeans, and even midi skirts, making them the perfect accessory for any wardrobe. 

When looking for clogs, there’s no need to worry since top brands like Jeffrey Campbell, Sam Edelman, and UGG offer high-quality versions that will last longer and look great.

Spool Heels

Pink Spool heels
Styling optionsSkinny jeans, slit skirts, formal trousers.
Top brandsClarks, Dream Paris, Steve Madden.

Spool heels are chic, fashionable footwear from Europe that often features a heeled style that is wider at the top and bottom, with a thin middle. 

These heels are usually between 1 to 3 inches in height, creating an attractive balance between the modest and stylish fashion. 

In terms of styling options available, spool heels are incredibly versatile as they can be worn with jeans and skirts or even formal trousers. 

If you are looking forward to adding them to your wardrobe, several top brands such as Clarks, Dream Paris, and Steve Madden offer amazing spool heel designs that appeal to all tastes. 

Flat Shoes

Flip Flops

Black flip flops
Styling optionsSummer casuals.
Top brandsMelissa, Havaianas, Tory Burch.

Flip-flops, the essential summer wardrobe staple, are the perfect casual footwear many of us love to wear. 

They are usually made of rubber and feature an open-toe design with a y-shaped strap that holds your feet comfortably. 

These shoes are available in different styles. Whether you’re heading to the beach or running errands, they’ll make your summers a bit comfy.

Further, brands like Melissa, Havaianas, and Tory Burch offer excellent selections of bright colors and designs of flip-flops to liven up any look. 

Ballet Flats

pink coloured Ballet flats
Styling optionsJeans, leggings, skirts, and dresses.
Top brandsTory Burch, Jeffrey Campbell, Franco Sarto.

Ballet flats are the perfect go-to shoes for any woman looking for an adjustable yet fashionable option for everyday ensembles.

These timeless shoes boast a luxurious look because of materials like soft leather, canvas, or satin used in making them. They feature a ribbony silhouette, closed-toe structure, and a very thin heel or no heel. 

Furthermore, because of the simple yet elegant design of ballerina flats, they can easily transition from day to night and with almost every sort of outfit, like casual jeans, floral dresses, and skirts.

The ballet shoes come in various preferred brands, including Tory Burch, Jeffrey Campbell, and Franco Sarto. 

Slide Sandals

Brown slide sandal with golden buckle decoration
Styling optionsSweatsuits, lounge pants, denim outfits, leggings.
Top brandsDolce Vita, Tory Burch, Birken Stock.

Slide sandals, also known as sliders, are a type of light footwear that is characterized by having a loose heel that holds the foot from the front. 

These sandals are made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam, a flexible material that provides the utmost comfort and relaxation. Plus, these stylish slide sandals come with an open-toe style giving you maximum airflow, which makes them ideal for the summer season.

Sliders can easily be styled with casual attire like sweatsuits, lounge pants, denim outfits, or leggings. 

The best thing about sliders is that you can find them in many different brands, such as Dolce Vita, Tory Burch, and Birkenstock, which offer countless styles to choose from.


Light brown leather moccasins
Styling optionsFur jackets, leather jackets, printed dresses, trench coats, sweaters.
Top brandsMinnetonka, Clarks, UGG.

Moccasins are slip-on shoes with a smooth, leathery upper and no heel. 

Although they were originally made from one piece of material, today’s moccasins normally have a sole for even more comfort and practicality. 

Style-wise, there are plenty of options for you. From fur jackets to printed dresses to trench coats and sweaters, any form of clothing can be easily paired with these versatile shoes. 

Further, popular brands like Minnetonka, Clarks, and UGG are some of the well-known names in the moccasin market for their eye-catching designs and enduring quality. 


Styling optionsMaxi dresses, pants.
Top brandsKate Spade New York, Franco Sarto.

Loafers are a great alternative to your typical sneaker as they provide more of a sophisticated look while still being comfortable.

These shoes slip on and off easily and feature a closed-toe structure and an exposed ankle, often available in leather, suede, or fabric.

Plus, loafers go great with maxi dresses or trousers, making them very versatile footwear for women.

Also, popular brands like Minnetonka, Clarks, and UGG offer plenty of options regarding color and variety in loafers.


Blue crocs
Styling optionsPair of joggers styled with a hoodie or a sweatshirt, monochrome outfits.
Top brandsCrocs.

Crocs are excellent footwear because they offer a unique blend of comfort, convenience, and style. 

They are made from CrosLite, a lightweight and closed-cell resin material that is breathable and promotes circulation. Crocs are easier to put on and take off. They have enough room to avoid compressing your toes. 

Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely day at home or strolling around town, you can style them with joggers paired with a hoodie or sweatshirt for an effortless look, or you can go with monochrome outfits for extra style points.

These stylish loafers won’t let you down if you’re looking for something classic and simple or modern and fun.

If you want to pick Crocs in the perfect size, check out our blog post “Do Cros Run Big or Small.”

Tassel Loafers

Maroon Tassel Loafers
Styling optionsSkinny jeans, chinos, and cigarette pants. 
Top brandsNaturalizer, Gucci, Trotters.

Tassel loafers are the perfect blend of classic and modern, with an eye-catching design that stands out from basic loafers. 

Generally made out of leather and suede for comfort, these loafers have a closed round toe for exceptional fit. Moreover, the cute laces dangling down the front allow women to dress them up or keep them minimal.

The best thing about tassel loafers is that women can easily style these shoes to be either casual or dressy by pairing them with jeans, chinos, cigarette pants, or even formal attire.

And finally, if you’re looking for specific brands to invest in, some of the great available brands out there include Naturalizer, Gucci, and Trotters.


Bright yellow Mules
Styling optionsCropped pants, A-line skirts, formal trousers and shirts.
Top brandsSam Edelman, Gucci, Steve Madden.

Mules are a style of shoe characterized by having no back or constraint around the heel. 

Although initially only worn inside boudoirs in sixteenth-century Europe, mules have come a long way and are now an everyday staple.

Mule shoes are made of materials like leather and suede. These shoes come in toe styles that include pointed and round toes.

Styling options are also varied, as these classic mules go exceptionally well with cropped pants, A-line skirts, formal trousers, and shirts.

Some of the top brands that offer mules are Naturalizer, Gucci, and Trotters.

Huarache Sandals

Light brown Huarache sandals
Styling optionsJeans, slacks, chinos, skirts and casual dresses.
Top brandsSbicca, Macarena Collection. 

Huarache sandals are incredibly lightweight, comfortable, and stylish. They can also be paired with multiple outfits. 

These sandals are made of thin strips of leather that form the structure. Huarache sandals usually have an open or closed toe and a sturdy flat (or sometimes wedge) sole built from leather, making them the ideal summer slip-on.

Perfect with jeans, slacks, chinos, skirts, and casual dresses, these classic sandals upgrade your outfit, whether you’re headed out for errands or just kicking back at home. 

Huarache sandal designs come from Sbicca, macarena collection. Therefore, regardless of which one you get your hands on, you can rest assured that it’s crafted with quality materials that will last you through those sun-filled summers.

Jelly Shoes

Pink Jelly shoes
Styling optionsFlared skirts, skinny jeans, summer frocks.
Top brandsGucci, Melissa, Tory Burch.

Jelly shoes, or “jellies,” are footwear made with PVC plastic, available in various colors and styles. The material is often infused with glitter for some sparkly flair. 

When it comes to the toe style, jellies come in both open and closed-toe options – so anyone can rock their feet in this quirky trend.

Whether you’re aiming for something casual or elegant, you have plenty of styling options with these versatile shoes. You can pair them with jeans, florals, or flare skirts to make them pop.

If you’re looking to splurge on some name brands, Gucci, Melissa, and Tory Burch all carry jelly shoe collections that are reliable and stylish.

T-Bar Flat Sandals

Dark brown coloured T-bar flat sandals with golden buckle
Styling optionsCrop top paired with skinny jeans, flared frocks, and maxi dresses.
Top brandsManalo Blahnik, and Christian Louboutin. 

T-Bar sandals have been trending off-late and have become a practical, everyday footwear option for women. 

They feature a flat sole and a T-shaped strap traditionally fastened with a buckle to a strap around the ankle. Also, these days, T-bar sandals come in sleeker designs that keep up with modern style sensibilities. 

Further, to dress up with these trendy sandals, pair them with your favorite crop top and jeans. You can also glam it up by wearing them with elegant maxi dresses or flashy flared frocks.

Quality brands such as Manolo Blahnik, Birkenstock, and Christian Louboutin have created beautiful designs of these fashionable T-bar sandals, giving you many options when accessorizing your wardrobe.


Light brown coloured gladiators
Styling optionsDenim shorts paired with a t-shirt, maxi dresses, and slit skirts. 
Top brandsMichael Kors, Nina.

Gladiator sandals have been a fashion staple for decades and are associated with the gladiators of Ancient Greece and Rome. 

They feature an open-toe design, wide cross straps across the foot, and a stiff sole. They often incorporate braiding or leather cords to give them a classic finish.

The styling options with Gladiator sandals are also endless – denim shorts and a t-shirt scream fun, while maxi dresses and slit skirts that show off femininity.

If you are looking for some fantastic brands, consider the styles of Michael Kors and Nina. These brands provide high-quality gladiator sandals for the modern-day fashionista. 


With all the different types of women’s shoes, it can be hard to know where to start. But with this knowledge, you should have no trouble finding the perfect pair of shoes for any occasion. 

From classic pumps to stylish sandals, every woman should have shoes that fit her lifestyle and her wardrobe. With the right pair of shoes, you can make any outfit look great while still being comfortable. 

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