What are Hemp Shoes?

Hemp shoes are shoes made from hemp fabric. It is a type of natural fiber that is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp is a strong and durable material often used to produce clothing and other textile products.

Hemp shoes are usually made from a blend of hemp and other materials, such as cotton or linen. They are often comfortable and stylish and can be an excellent alternative to leather shoes.

What is Hemp?

Image of hemp fabric and cannabis sativa plant.

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant that is grown specifically for industrial purposes. The hemp plant is grown primarily in temperate regions with high rainfall.

Hemp fibers are one of the strongest and most versatile natural fibers.

It’s often used in eco-friendly products like building materials, paper, clothing, and shoes. Hemp shoes are usually made with a blend of hemp and other sustainable materials like bamboo, wool, or recycled plastic bottles.

Why use hemp for making shoes?

In a nutshell, hemp is used for making shoes because it is a durable, breathable, and sustainable material.

Let’s explore the benefits of using help for making shoes in detail.

Strong fiber

Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. This makes it ideal for making shoes that are durable and long-lasting. Hemp material is also tensile. Therefore it will maintain its shape even if it is stretched.

As per a report in Science Direct, the maximum tensile strength of hemp-rHDPE is 60.2 MPa with a strain at ultimate strength of 3.8%. Hemp is one-fifth as strong as steel – an impressive feat.


Hemp is a very breathable material, which makes it ideal for making shoes that are comfortable to wear in warm weather. The material will help to keep your feet cool and dry by allowing air to circulate around them.

As per The Patent Invention Magazine, the most breathable textile in the world is made from hemp. The textile is called H-EMP and is patented by  Italian startup Operi Campi.

Environment Friendly and Sustainable

Hemp is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Hemp grows quite fast. It takes only 60 days from plating to being harvest ready.

Shoes made from hemp are biodegradable. They won’t end up in landfill sites when you’re finished with them.

Antibacterial properties 

Hemp has natural antibacterial properties, making it ideal for making skin-friendly shoes. Hemp will help to prevent bacteria from growing on the shoes. Bye-bye shoe odour.

It also protects your feet from fungi and other bacterial infections.

The antibacterial properties of hemp may be due to cannabinoids, alkanoids, other bioactive compounds, or phenolic compounds of lignin that are present in hemp.


Hemp is a hypoallergenic material, which makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin. The material won’t irritate your skin or cause allergic reactions.

Benefits of Hemp Shoes 

  1. Hemp is a very sturdy and strong material. Therefore shoes made from hemp are durable and tend to last longer than the average shoe.
  2. Hemp shoes are very comfortable and will mold to your feet over time.
  3. Hemp shoes are breathable and lightweight, which will give you comfort while walking. 
  4. Their thermoregulation ability maintains your body’s temperature according to the external environment. It means if it’s cold outside, you’ll feel warm; if it’s hot outside, your feet will be at normal temperature.
  5. Hemp shoes are also weather resistant. Wearing them on a rainy day will not damage them.
  6. Hemp possesses antibacterial properties, keeping your shoes free from the foul odor.
  7. Hemp shoes are inexpensive. This is because hemp grows fast and efficiently, and requires 50% less water than cotton

Popular Hemp Shoe Brands

Now that we’ve discussed hemp shoes let’s look at the brands that make hemp shoes. 

Hemp shoes are not quite mainstream yet. Therefore not many brands make hemp shoes. Some brands that make hemp shoes are;

8000 Kicks

Image of a shoe of 8000kicks shoe brand

8000 Kicks is a seven-year-old brand known for making hemp-based products.

They produce hemp shoes for both men and women. Their shoes are known for being lighter than regular shoes and waterproof. Their shoes also have hemp insoles.

8000 Kicks manufactures two types of hemp shoes – Seekers and Explorer V2. Both come with lace closures and have a stylish pattern, which is best to wear casually.

Seekers come in three colors black, navy blue, and beige. 

Whereas Explorer V2 comes in different color combinations. These color combinations are green/beige, black/white, dark brown, dark green, black, light green, and navy blue. 


Image of a shoe of Sanuk shoe brand

Sanuk has multiple options for you when it comes to hemp-based footwear. You get sneakers, shoes, sandals, flip-flops, and sandals.  

Sanuk shoes are lightweight, thin, flexible, simple, and cute. They make shoes for both men and women.

You’ll get options HI Bro Lite Hemp, Side-line 2 Hemp, and Tideline lace Hemp in men’s shoes. All of them are sturdy in look and give a classic stylish feel.  

They come in colors like earth gray, natural wash black, charcoal, and overcast.

For women, they’ve Avery Hemp and Avery Lace Hemp. These shoes provide a lot of comfort and flexibility. These shoes are available in two colors washed white/black and harbor mist.  


Image of a shoe of Astral shoe brand

Astral shoes give you a strong and sturdy look. 

These are good to wear casually and for traveling too. These hemp shoes are durable as well as flexible.

Astral has Hemp Loyak M’s & Hemp Loyak W’s for men and women. These shoes are available in skin and grey color. They have rubber outsoles that will provide comfort.


Are hemp Shoes stretchable?

Yes, hemp shoes are stretchable. If you need more space in your hemp shoes, use a shoe stretcher to get them in your comfort size. 

You can spray some warm water on them, put them on a shoe stretcher and then keep them away for some time till they dry out. 

Where should I buy Hemp Shoes?

You can buy hemp shoes online. There are several brands out there offering the best hemp shoes to men and women.

However, hemp shoes are not that popular yet, so there’s a chance that you might not find them in any stores. 

Are hemp shoes waterproof?

Yes, hemp shoes are water resistant but not completely waterproof. But they will protect your feet during rainy days, as they are resistant to liquid and stains. 

Why should I buy hemp shoes?

Hemp shoes are environment-friendly and sustainable, not only that they tend to last longer than average shoes. But their antimicrobial properties will keep your shoes away from fungus and bacteria.  

How can I wash hemp shoes?

You can wash hemp shoes easily with some mild detergent and lukewarm water. Add a teaspoon of mild detergent to lukewarm water. Dip a toothbrush in the solution and scrub your hemp shoe. After scrubbing the shoes, rinse them with clean water and let them air dry. 


That’s it. Now you know everything about hemp shoes. We hope you found it informative. Hemp shoes are a great option if you want something sustainable, eco-friendly, and durable.

If you’re in the market for new shoes, check out some of the brands we mentioned above.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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